5 Strategies you need to invest in, in 2019

5 Strategies you need to invest in, in 2019

1. Podcasts

Podcasts are growing in popularity by the day and are an educational, easy to absorb way of learning. The easily accessible nature of podcasts mean they can be broadcast anywhere in the world. Take The Voice For Voice podcast as an example – it has worldwide listeners and has helped promote key messages around voice technology.

It’s not as tricky to set up a podcast as you may think:

Download others: Get some initial thoughts and tips on how yours could work.

Formulate an idea: Know your audience and believe in your idea.

Record it: If your budget is tight, record on a phone. If your budget allows, invest in proper equipment where files can be transferred onto your computer or find a local studio with a professional producer.

Prep: Prepare for each show, as even a rough script will help you stay on track and ensure your podcast sounds professional.

Edit: Tweak it yourself using a site such as Audacity, which is free (and easy) to use, or invest in a pro.

Distribute and promote: Use a site such as Libsyn to create an RSS feed and submit to iTunes, then use social media to market it. It’s one of the most lucrative (and free, unless you want specific targeted content) platforms.

Social Advertising

We all know paid search and PPC on huge global platforms such as Bing are beneficial to marketing, but social adverts are fast overtaking them. Paid social is constantly evolving and can be an extremely lucrative part of your strategy. The reach you can achieve is immense, and there’s many different formats to utilise.

Facebook and Instagram operate on the same ads creation platform (Business Manager), and offer very similar options. Reach a new audience, acquire new fans, increase engagement, and drive people to a website or other location, and do it all with tailored, unique targeting in different formats (using images and video).

You can even implement pixels on-site to measure incoming traffic and conversion rates, and apply the learnings to your next paid campaign.

Facebook is the most popular ad platform, and you’ll benefit from a cheaper cost per click. Twitter has similar capabilities to Facebook and Instagram, but LinkedIn is best for a B2B audience.

It’s important to educate yourself on the power of social adverts to get ahead of the competition.

3) Voice

voice agency london

We are massively passionate about Voice here at Move and believe it is the new internet. Voice technology is a fast-growing market, and it seems everyone wants a slice of the pie in 2019. Amazon has sold over 100 million Alexa devices globally, and with Google and Apple hot on Amazon’s heels, it really is the year to invest in voice.

Brands can utilise voice tech to reach customers too, in very creative ways. For example, Domino’s Pizza has recently activated an Easy Orders option through Alexa (clever, right?), and it’s seen 20% of customers use it to place an order. Just think of the possibilities of what’s to come, and how you could be one of the successful case studies.

4. Podcast advertising


Podcast advertising is the next big thing in media. These ads are effective in reaching a new audience and growing follower counts, as they’re placed as snippets in amongst engaging pieces of content, which the audience have chosen to listen to.

With over $500M expected to be spent on podcast ads in the next year, it’s an avenue well worth exploring.

5) Vlogging

Gary Vee on voice search
Vlogging is now easier than ever for even the smallest of brands to use.

Take Gary Vee for example. He may be a huge influencer, but he recommends daily vlogging frequently to connect with your audience, no matter what size, and produce consistent content which really speaks to them.

Vlogging is creative, fresh, and above all, relevant in a world where video content is king (experts believe it’ll make up 80% of online traffic this year – yikes). You can produce pretty much anything you like, however you like, to tell whatever story you wish.

Don’t get left behind. Here at Move Digital we’re exploring new ways of creating and distributing video content, while growing our YouTube audience in the process.

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