Cambridge Audio

Amplifying Britain’s top hi-fi brand

The Client

Cambridge Audio have been at the forefront of the British hi-fi market since its founders locked themselves away during the Summer of Love to build a stereo. In the decades since, they’ve established a reputation as one of the world’s most trusted audio brands.

The Brief

Analogue amplification may be Cambridge Audio’s day job, but when they needed their video amplified digitally, they brought us on board to help out.

They had crafted a video detailing the company’s history, and tasked us with putting it in front of an engaged audience. We immediately identified Facebook Advertising as the ideal tool to drive brand awareness, and – ultimately – sales.

We share this with you, and use this research to inform our strategy moving forward.

The Process

We decided, seeing as the client wanted both brand awareness and sales, that the ads would have two aims. Firstly, we would aim to get views on the video. Secondly, we would aim to get clicks through to the Cambridge Audio website.

We sat down with the client for a brainstorming session, in which we pinpointed what kind of things a discerning audiophile might be interested in. For example, they might be a man over the age of 30 who collects vinyl records, drinks craft ale, and listens to BBC Radio 6 Music. Using Facebook’s sophisticated targeting software, we picked out 44 separate audiences, from hi-fi lovers, to ravers, to punks, and everyone in between.

Once the audiences were agreed, we set to work, using Cambridge Audio’s video creative to build the adverts.

Conversion Rate 0

Happy Client 0

Music Fans 0

Views 0

The Results

  • Hundreds of thousands of music fans saw the ads in their news feeds
  • Tens of thousands viewed the video, at a cost of 1p per view
  • A cost per click of less than 20p on certain ads
  • A conversion rate of 20%
  • One very happy client