Natural Search


91% of search engine users never go past page one, and half never read past the top three organic results. If you’re not appearing at the top of the page, you’re missing out on business. We can get you to the top of the pile. Here’s how:

Natural Search

Full Audit & Research

Firstly, we do an analysis of your site’s Search potential. Using both SEO tools and human analysis, we examine your website the same way a search engine would. From this, we figure out what needs to change to make your site SEO-ready. Then we carry out research to decide which keywords we’re going to get you on the top spot for.

On-site optimisation

This is one of the main factors that leads to good Search rankings. At this stage we take all of our findings from the audit (discussed above) and implement them. After this has been completed, it will be revisited whenever Google changes its algorithms so that your site is entirely up to date.

Content (off-site)

One of the fastest ways to get your keywords on the rise is to get your site’s link on high quality sites that are relevant to your business. Once your on site optimisation has been completed, our content team creates high quality, industry-leading content that is then used to build links in newspapers, magazines, trade press websites, and blogs.

Content (on-site)

We will create new written content for your website every month, which serves two purposes. Firstly, fresh content sends good Search signals to Google, and secondly, great on-site content can be used for link building purposes.

Social media marketing

Engagement on social and traffic generated from social are two factors that have an impact on local SEO rankings.

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