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  My name is Geraint, and I’m a podcast addict. I’m also a tech obsessive, and most of the podcasts
The digital landscape has changed a lot over the last 15 years. In 2003, if you were a bit tech
Starting your own podcast might seem daunting, but it honestly couldn’t be easier. All you really need is an idea,
Voice Search
If you work in digital marketing, and you’re not up to speed on Flash Briefings, you need to be; they
apps that need alexa voice integration
    While the ‘out of the box’ Alexa experience is powerful in its own right, integrating your favourite apps
Geraint John
Here it is. The full episode of Geraint's trip to VoiceCon in New York. Geraint Met Gary Vaynerchuck at the
vayner media london
VaynerMedia (VM) is one of the world’s biggest digital marketing agencies, founded in 2009 by entrepreneur and wine connoisseur-turned-digital marketing
Intro Vlog to us to talking about the wonderful sounding world of Alexa and Google Home.
Voice Search Agency
By 2023, Alexa will be nearly 10 years old, and by then I guarantee it will have become an integral
Voice Agency London
On Christmas Day 2017, the Amazon Alexa app was the most downloaded on both Android and iPhone. This suggests that
Podcasts are listened to on a regular basis by 3.7 million adults in the UK, or approximately 6.5% of the
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