London and Capital

London and Capital are one of the leading Wealth Managers in the UK.

The Client

London and Capital are one of the leading Wealth Managers in the UK. They specialise in managing the wealth of high net worth individuals in the UK and the US.

The financial services industry is hugely competitive and notoriously difficult to achieve high search rankings.

London and Capital wanted a strategy which not only delivered high search rankings for their target keywords, but also a strategy which used new techniques to help them stand out from the crowd.

What we did

We carried out an SEO and PPC campaign which resulted in highly targeted traffic of those searching for a Wealth Manager.

We create an Alexa flash-briefing which provided daily insight into market trends.

We also recorded a 6 part podcast which featured leading industry guest from Law firms and financial organisations.

The Results

  • Number one in Google for ‘ Wealth Management London ‘
  • Outranking financial giants such as UBS giving them huge brand credibility
  • The first Wealth Management company in the world to create an Alexa flash-briefing
  • Early ‘ Voice tech ‘ adopters in the UK
  • Client for 5 years and counting

Client Feedback

“Move have been our digital partner for 5 years and counting. Honest, full of ideas and results.”
Victoria Carroll – Head of Marketing, London & Capital