New Bond Street Pawnbrokers

Bringing in new business for Britain’s most exclusive pawnbrokers

The Client

New Bond Street Pawnbrokers (NBSP) are the most exclusive pawnbrokers in Britain, providing loans against luxury items, such as pieces of art, vintage cars, and Rolexes. Since setting up shop in the late 1990s, the guys at NBSP have carved out a reputation as a safe pair of hands for anyone looking to discreetly raise capital off the back of a luxury asset.

The Brief

We were tasked with taking the West London pawn shop with an impeccable reputation, and turning it into a digital powerhouse. They already had a website, and were running an AdWords campaign, but they were keen to hand over the digital side of things to Move, so they could focus on doing the work that made them such a trusted company in the first place.

The Process

We created great content related to current trends and targeted highly relevant publications. The link juice and traffic from these publications had an immediate effect and keywords started to improve as did enquiries.

Contact Forms Completed 0

Organic Traffic Increase 0

SEO Keywords ranking 0

Adwords spend reduced 0

The Results

  • PR Coverage on high domain authority sites, resulting in an SEO boost
  • NBSP ranking for high yielding Pawnbroking related Keywords
  • 105% increase in contact forms being filled
  • 55% reduction in AdWords spend
  • 25,000 Instagram video views at 1p per view
  • Industry leading blog covering all aspects of the luxury industry